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Apodized FBG [Click to download PDF file]

For uniform FBG, there are a series of peaks aside the main reflection peak, which are called side modes or side lobes. For certain applications, such as DWDM, the side lobes will be a disadvantage and affect the channel isolation of an optical device. By using function to modulate the refractive index modulation amplitude,  the side modes of a grating could be effectively suppressed, which is called apodization. Apodized gratings offer significant improvement in side-mode suppression while maintaining reflectivity and a narrow bandwidth. The side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) is an indicator of how much the side modes is suppressed.            

 Features:                                                                                          Applications:

       - Center wavelengthat ITU grid, or customiation                           - DWDM filter

       - High isolation                                                                                    - Fiber sensor

       - Athermal package available                                                           - Fiber laser

       - Various connector available (FC/PC, FC/APC, etc)                    - Wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing Module

       - High reliability                                                          



(Reflection spectrum)                                           (Transmission spectrum)  

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