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Lensed Fiber [Click to download PDF file]

Lensed fiber, also called fiber lens, is a piece of fiber which forms a lens shape at the end face, and is used to change the optical path, or coupling light in the optical fiber systems. Based on the specific requirement of different applications, there are tapered, wedged, angle wedged, beveled, and spherical lens, etc.
Raysung applies the most advanced mechanical processing method in the world for manufacturing lensed fiber. The company's cutting-edge technology holds independent intellectual property protection. Raysung is capable of manufacturing lensed fiber into different shapes. The geometrical parameters can be well controlled in order to reach the best performance. AR Coating and metallization are also available.

                       Features:                                                         Applications:

                   - High coupling efficiency                                             -DLB coupling

                   - Various far field beam shapes available               - Pump laser coupling

                   - Metallization                                                                 -SLD laser coupling

                   - Anti-reflection coating                                                -High speed receive device


                                                                 ( Far Field Beam Shapes)


                       (Horizontal Far Field & Gaussian Fit)                                                 (Vertical Far Field & Gaussian Fit)         


                                                (2D Far Field)                                                           (3D Far Field)  


Raysung’s specially designed lensed fiber can reach MFD as small as 2um, which is perfectly matched to MFD of the mode converter or SSC on the silicon photonics chip, and therefore can achieve very low coupling loss (1.5~2.0dB).

Besides, Raysung also offer packaged lensed fiber as a turn-key solution, such as V-groove packaged lensed fiber assembly. Lensed Fiber is precisely positioned in a V-groove, and the position accuracy could be controlled within +/-0.15um, so that it is convenient for the customer to do edge coupling with the Silicion chip, with less concern about the sensitivity of lensed fiber positioning or handling. The pigtail termination of the lensed fiber could be chosen from receptacles or connectors, such as LC, FC, SC, etc. This product has been applied for patent protection by Raysung.

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